The Author, pensive. (Credit:  Stephanie Stone )

The Author, pensive. (Credit: Stephanie Stone)


My novel Heart of Junk is forthcoming from Simon & Schuster in early 2020. You can preorder it here.

My short story collection, I am a Magical Teenage Princess, published in 2012, has received praise from The New York TimesPublishers WeeklyRain Taxi, etc., as well as the authors Roxane Gay, Chris Bachelder, Alissa Nutting, etc.

My “work” has appeared in ConjunctionsMid-American ReviewHayden’s Ferry ReviewWashington Square, The Comics Journal, Electric Literature, etc.

I also make collage art.

I’m from Appleton, WI originally and I now live in Cincinnati.

I’m represented by Mary South at Lowenstein Associates.

(That’s it! I’m not going to list every accolade I’ve ever received going back to grade school like some maniac! If you’re that curious, look me up on linkedin like the creep that you are!)